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PODCAST:::Celtic Folklore meets Witchy Fantasy with Author KT Anglehart on Book Lights


Celtic Folklore meets Witchy Fantasy with Author KT Anglehart on Book Lights


Katrina Tortorici Anglehart is an award-winning author from Montreal, with a multilingual prowess in English, French, Italian, and “Spanglish”. A dedicated academic, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, a graduate certificate in Scriptwriting, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

Inspired by the wizarding world, the land of Narnia, and parallel planes, she penned The Wise One, inviting readers to connect with nature and its ever-present magic. Her exploration of the landscapes and folklore of Ireland and Scotland greatly influenced her debut YA urban fantasy, marking the inception of The Scottish Scrolls series.

K.T. Anglehart is a passionate advocate for bunnies, thanks to her late Netherland Dwarf, Magic—the inspiration behind her imprint, The Magic Dwarf Press. When she’s not writing or diving into magical reads, she revels in hiking, antiquing, and Netflix binges alongside her high school-sweetheart-turned-husband, Andy. They currently live in Toronto with their three pets: Nessie, a mysterious rescue dog from Puerto Rico, and their whimsical bunnies, Onyx and Stirling.

You can learn more at her website: https://www.ktanglehart.com/

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Here’s a look at K.T.’s upcoming release THE TWIN FLAME:

Mckenna O’Dwyer knows she’s impulsive. Sometimes reckless. She also knows she’s a witch and keeps reincarnating as one, for reasons only her mother, Abby, can help her fully understand.

After weeks of searching, mother and daughter finally reunite—just like Elizabeth Dunlop’s prophecy states—and Abby is keen on helping Mckenna get a firm grasp on her abilities. She teaches her the proper way to channel elemental magic…but Mckenna soon discovers there’s a shortcut, something Cillian fully supports if it means getting quicker, more powerful results.

At first, Mckenna will do anything to thwart the High Priestess once and for all, before her powers are used to wipe out billions of souls. But the white horse Eachna’s devastating vision of Mother Nature continues to haunt her. Is that the future awaiting them if the Scottish Scrolls aren’t fulfilled?

Which is the lesser evil?

Enthralling, passionate, and with twists you won’t see coming, Mckenna’s magical education begins in book II of The Scottish Scrolls.

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