Sneak Peek: The Ransom Enigma From Breakfield and Burkey


The Ransom Enigma
A Book in the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles Series
The thrills continue and brought to you by the Award-Winning writing duo of Breakfield and Burkey

Jo and JJ Rodreguiz finished their vacation dream home in Magnolia Bluff. To celebrate their accomplishment, they invite the town residents to their housewarming.

Emails are sent. Lily offers to provide all the side dishes to complement the barbeque. Chief Tommy Jager bartends until the last guest leaves. The teenagers act as servers. Guests dance outside until the wee hours. Toasts are made to honor JJ and Jo’s dearest friends. Max the Labrador will clean up the crumbs.

After the last guest departs, JJ finds a housewarming gift addressed to Jo. She excitedly opens it and gasps with dismay. Someone left behind not a present but a blackmail letter. Jo crumbles into tears, fearing they must sell and never return. Her outraged husband swears to kill the wretched blackmailer. Unfortunately, the Chief of Police cannot unhear the threat.

  • Two days later, the police find JJ unconscious next to the dead blackmailer suspect.
  • Can Jo clear JJ’s name as the murderer while preserving their anonymity?
  • Who will help her navigate this investigation?
  • Who knows the blackmailer?

All the world’s problems rest on her shoulders as her greatest love and husband lie in a coma. The Ransom Enigma: Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles-Book 27 eBook : Breakfield, Charles, Burkey, Rox: Kindle Store


Charles Breakfield is a technology expert in security, networking, voice, and anything digital. He enjoys writing, studying World War II history, travel, and cultural exchanges. Charles is a fan of wine tastings, winemaking, Harley riding, cooking extravaganzas, and woodworking.

Rox Burkey is a technology professional who excels at optimizing technology and business investments. She works with customers all over the world focusing on optimized customer experiences. Rox writes white papers and documentation, but found she has a marked preference for writing fiction.

Together these Texas authors create award-winning stories that resonate with males and females and young and experienced adults. They bring a fresh new view to technology possibilities today in exciting stories. Visit their website for more information and free stuff. Https://