Quick Look: This Just In by Russell Little


The relaunch of Murder for Me is now out by critically acclaimed thriller author and lawyer, Russell Little

Ava is a middle-aged socialite jogging through a wooded park near her Houston home. The trees and her earbuds provide the only escape from her problems. Little does she know another problem is waiting just ahead—the kind of problem that wants her dead.

Houston attorney Larry Lamb has his own difficulties to sort through. He’s mediocre at work and a failure at marriage, and there’s something inside him screaming to get out. It’s becoming harder and harder to control—and it’s affecting him in mysterious ways.

Ava’s husband Don is madly in love with Marilyn Ramirez, a woman with the power to convince men to do whatever she wants. Marilyn has been arrested on suspicion of attempting to have Ava murdered so she can have Don for herself.

When Don drops a six-figure retainer onto Larry’s lap to defend Marilyn, Larry schemes to dump the case and keep the money. But Marilyn has a different plan, and the minute Larry sees her, her plan starts working.

Can Larry resist Marilyn’s manipulation, or will she summon the mysterious voice hidden deep within him? Follow Larry’s journey into the mind in this dark psychological page-turner.

Amazon.com: Murder for Me: 9780692722183: Little, Russell: Books