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There’s a Book for That: Ghost Stories

Do you love a good ghost story? This Halloween looks like it will be more festive than last year. Whether you’ll be in costume, trick-or-treating or on door duty, get in the...

Countdown to Halloween: Frightfully Cozy Mysteries

Howloween Murder - A Melanie Travis Mystery #26 by Laurien Berenson As the town of Greenwich, Connecticut, counts down to a spooky celebration on October 31st, a horrifying murder leaves Melanie Travis pawing for clues...

Books That Go “Bump in the Night”

Suspense, paranormal, horror, and a little belly-laughing humorous mystery -- whatever makes your Halloween reading brighter, there's a book for you! THE SORORITY by Tamara Thorne They are the envy of every young woman—and...

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