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Weekend Crossword: Reader & Writer

How good are you at crosswords? Challenge yourself to complete this crossword in the least amount of time! Online or Print Reader & Writer Crossword

Early Reader Helps to Better Prepare Your Kids for Kindergarten

When you think of childhood milestones, one of the biggest academic achievements is learning how to read. Kindergarten teachers see children in their classrooms at varying levels of early literacy skills. Parents...

Perfect Gifts for the Avid Reader in Your Life

It is sometimes hard to buy gifts for bookworms. Although they love to read, they may not have room for more books, or you don't know what kinds they would like, or...

Author and Reader Get Together Gives to Charity

Some events are self-serving. Some events are purely for fun. Then, there are events like the Annual Reader & Author Get Together held each year in West Chester, OH, hosted by Lori...

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