Is it her story? Is it his…


Guest Blog By Shiloh Walker


Who do you think is the most important character in a romance?

Is it the hero?

Is it the heroine?

Can it be both?

Should it be both? Without both of them, it wouldn’t be a romance, right?

If You Hear Her is the first book in my romantic suspense trilogy…followed by If You See Her and If You Know Her, releasing this winter.

If You Hear Her kicks off the trilogy and it all starts because of something that Lena hears…she hears screams. So does the story belong to Lena? But Lena isn’t much needing to discover anything about herself. Ezra has to figure some stuff out, though—that’s my hero. So is it his story?

Do you find yourself connecting more to the hero, more to the heroine? Does it depend on the book? For me, that’s the answer—it depends on the story, on what’s happening, who it’s happening to, how it affects them, who the reader connects to.

In this book, I’d say I connected with Lena…and her friend, Law. So I guess, for me, it was Lena’s story.

If you’d like to read more about her story, I’ve got a nice long excerpt on my site and you can read about the other two books in the Ash Trilogy as well, plus check out the wallpapers for the series and the contest that’s going on for the next couple of weeks.