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The Language of Your Body
by Julia Cannon

We arrived here on Earth with a guidance system but no instruction or translation manual.  We have been led to believe that the aches, pains and symptoms of our bodies are indications of a disease process or worse yet, an aging process that has descended upon us.  These aches, pains and symptoms are actually messages from our guidance systems.  If we do not understand the messages, they get louder and louder which translates into more pain and/or symptoms.  It can even develop into a disease process if left unheeded.  It’s really very simple once you understand the mechanism at work here.  Everyone becomes transparent in that you will know immediately what is going on in their lives once they start telling you about their “aches and pains.”  It’s not mysterious “woo woo,” but logical, down to earth understanding of a communication system.

I realize the messages can be confusing.  We weren’t given a translation manual when we came in for the type of language that is being used.  We know it on another level, but until we are told how to interpret the messages, we tend to be moving in the dark.  The sign language that is used is in part with our bodies. We are with this mechanism every minute of every day, so the body is the best device to deliver messages through until we will hear the messages directly.  Most of these messages are so constant that it becomes easy to call them a language.  Once you understand how it works, you will see the beauty and simplicity of it.  You will no longer be wandering aimlessly through your life wondering which way would be best for you.  You are always receiving the messages, but until now, you haven’t had what was needed to translate these messages.  So until you discover your own, consider Soul Speak, The Language of Your Body your translation manual to help navigate your way through this maze called life.

You can learn more about Julia and her book Soul Speak at her website.

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