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Soul Speak by Julia Cannon


Soul Speak The Language of Your Body

For those of us who believe that there is a higher power, energy and that we can learn to control or harness that energy and use it, this book is a must-read!

The author was in the medical field and the book reflects a very organized, logical and helpful instruction and information delivery.

I suggest you check out this podcast where the author of this book talks about what she does, why she wrote the book and you get a really clear picture of the kind of person she is.


There’s no doubt that the metaphysical and the physical intertwine.  This book is for people serious in learning about being in touch with your higher self and using your power to heal, listen to your body and be in touch with your soul.

Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body is a metaphysical book that is bound to intrigue both people of science and medicine as well as people looking to connect with their own higher power.

The book is very well organized and could even be used as a teaching tool.  The author has a background and education in the medical field and her logic, presentation and material reflect that.

She talks about “Body Part Messages” and addresses different parts and systems of the body. There are diagrams and pictures included.

The book is condensed into about 150 pages which includes the pictures, but though you have that concentration of information, the author is able to hold your interest as you learn. That is a skill I can appreciate.

If you are interested in medicine, metaphysical teachings or interested to learn more about how your body can speak to you then I recommend checking out this book.

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