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Mystery Recommendations Based on Your Favorite Baking Competition Show


It’s time to find your next deliciously wicked reading recommendation based off your favorite baking competition show! Roll up your sleeves and prepare to catch a killer before the final buzzer goes off. And beware, the competition is fierce…and maybe even deadly!

Who doesn’t love cake? If Cake Wars is one of your favorite baking competition shows, MURDER AT AN IRISH BAKERY by Carlene O’Connor is the delicious mystery for you. Cross the pond and join six contestants in Ireland as they compete on a reality baking show. But this competition will take a far more deadly turn when one of the top contestants is found murdered. It’s up to Siobhán and her husband, Garda Macdara Flannery, to sift through a list of suspects…

If you love observing the culinary skills of the contestants on Chopped, you’ll love diving into a mystery alongside renowned chef Julia Child in MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH MURDER by Colleen Cambridge! Tabitha Knight is new to Paris, but thanks to her neighbor and friend Julia Child, she’s fallen in love with the city—and cooking! But when someone if found murdered with one of Julia’s knives, it’s up to Tabitha to catch the real killer and clear her new friend as a suspect.

If you love The Great British Bake OffDEVIL’S FOOD CAKE MURDER by Joanne Fluke is the mystery for you! When a newcomer arrives in Lake Eden, he’s found face-down in a plate full of Devil’s Food Cake. Luckily, baker extraordinaire and part-time sleuth, Hannah Swensen, is on the case. Finding a killer will just be the icing on top of this delectable mystery!

If you enjoy watching chefs create elevated cannabis dishes on Cooked with CannabisA HALF-BAKED MURDER by Emily George is the perfect mystery to satisfy you! Pastry chef Chloe Barnes loves concocting delicious, upscale edibles by combining French baking techniques with THC. But when her quirky Aunt Dawn becomes a murder suspect in a local homicide, Chloe must juggle clearing her aunt’s name, opening the best weed bakery in town, and finding the real killer…

If you enjoy cheering on the amateur bakers in Nailed It!, you’ll love dipping into TWO PARTS SUGAR, ONE PART MURDER by Valerie Burns. Like the bakers in Nailed It!, Maddy Montgomery isn’t known for her baking skills. But after her late great-aunt left Maddy her beloved bakery, Maddy decides she needs to keep her great-aunt’s legacy alive. But amid baking trial and errors, Maddy is pulled into a murder investigation. And she’s the prime suspect…

If you think Baking Impossible is as awesome as it is delicious, THREE TAINTED TEAS by Lynn Cahoon is the delectable mystery for you. Like the contestants of your favorite baking show, aspiring witch and culinary entrepreneur Mia Malone makes the impossible possible. In Magic Springs, Mia is thrown into her toughest gig yet when she suddenly becomes a last-minute wedding planner. But things will get even more dicey when a murder tries to stop the couple’s union. It’s up to Mia to cast a spell and catch the culprit!

If you delight in the savagery of Cutthroat Kitchen, you’ll devour FOUR LEAF CLEAVER by Lynn Cahoon! A cooking competition is in full swing in South Lick, Indiana with shepherd’s pie and Guinness beer brownies for everyone. And like the contestants in Cutthroat Kitchen, someone is out to sabotage the competition when a tough-as-nails producer is found dead. It’s up to restaurant owner and part-time sleuth, Robbie, to find a devious killer among a store full of suspects.

Reprinted with permission from Kensington Books.

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