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Sneak Peek: ‘Till Beth Do Us Part’ by Rochelle Ransom


‘Till Beth Do Us Part’ by Rochelle Ransom

What if you discovered your murdered mother’s journals?

Last time she’d tried to investigate her mother’s death, the stress led to Beth’s grandmother falling ill. Determined to finally track down her father and solve her mother’s murder, she keeps her grandparents out of it and enlists the help of her best friend, Tristan. Their mothers grew up best friends and his mother treats Peyton like family.

Despite being best friends, Tristan and Peyton have different priorities. Tristan maintains an active social life and excels in athletics while Peyton focuses on academics. She hopes her love for and expertise in science will be her ticket out of Laketown. However as Peyton reads about her mother’s complicated teen relationships, she unexpectedly embarks on the first of her own with college junior, Oliver.

When she discovers her mom kept secrets from everyone, including her own best friend, Peyton must turn to Oliver for help with her investigation. They discover adults can be as deceptive and foolish as teens. Torn between learning the truth about her family and potentially tearing apart others, Peyton is faced with decisions that science can’t solve. Will the journals turn out to be the death of more than just Beth Keller?

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