Friday: Valentine’s Party!


It’s a Valentine’s Party!

Can you tell me who or what made your best/most romantic Valentine’s Day ever?

In February our hearts and minds often turn to the topic of love because of Valentine’s Day. We wonder what does love really mean? We ask if someone loves us. We ask if we have someone to love. We wonder how to best express the feelings we have for others be it a love interest or family member or friend. Do I show love with gifts or flowers or a fun outing?

J.L. Saint
USA Today Bestselling Author, J.L. Saint

All of those trappings are just extra window dressing for what matters the most, which is sharing your heart with someone else.

If you read my bio on Monday, then you’ll know why romance is such an integral part of the stories I write, so bear with me as I state it again. I believe that when you boil all of life down to its essence, if you take a human being to the very core of his existence, then you will find that what matters more than anything else is to be loved and to give love.

Romance in a story allows the writer to express and celebrate love.

Collateral Damage
Released: December 14, 2010


So let’s celebrate! Either comment here or e-mail me who or what made your best/romantic Valentine’s Day ever. Then tell me how you think Jack and Lauren, the hero and heroine of Collateral Damage should meet and you will be entered to win a free electronic copy of Collateral Damage! I will be giving out five copies today!

And don’t miss your chance to be a real winner in life and love someone. Today and throughout this month make it a habit to tell someone you love them. Share your heart with another. Let someone know they are loved. If you feel unloved then reach out a helping and giving hand to someone, tell them you care and I guarantee you won’t feel that way any more.

Go Forth. Dream, Believe, Create, Inspire, and Love.

J.L. Saint, Jennifer St. Giles, Jennifer Saints