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Authors Against Abuse

Reader's Entertainment is proud to help spread the word about this very worthwhile cause. Authors, as a professional group, are indeed some of the most giving of their work, their time and...

Author Jennifer St. Giles on the FBI Watch List?

L. McMaken 10-25-11 Cincinnati, OH   Bestselling author Jennifer St. Giles knows how to write a compelling book that keeps readers turning the pages. Her writing keeps her on the bestsellers list, and it might just...

Hollywood Reader Mixer with Reader’s Entertainment Group a Big Success!

Los Angeles, CA. April 8, 2011 By Sheila English     There's nothing that says "appreciation" than a party, prizes, books, authors, more prizes and fun! The Reader's Entertainment Group reader appreciation mixer at RT Booklovers...

Reader’s Entertainment Party, Awards and the Faerie Ball

By Sheila English Los Angeles, CA. April 7, 2011 I’m excited, I’m nervous and I’m happy, so obviously I’m at the RT Booklover’s Convention and today is the Reader’s Entertainment Hollywood Reader Mixer! I’ve never...

Spotlight Author: Jennifer St. Giles

Second Chances At Love - From the heart of Jennifer St. Giles Spring is in the air and here in Atlanta brightly colored blooms are everywhere. The energy and excitement of life...

Friday: Valentine’s Party!

Can you tell me who or what made your best/most romantic Valentine's Day ever? In February our hearts and minds often turn to the topic of love because of Valentine's Day. We wonder what does love really mean? We ask if someone loves us. We ask if we have someone to love. We wonder how to best express the feelings we have for others be it a love interest or family member or friend. Do I show love with gifts or flowers or a fun outing?

Thursday: J.L. Saint’s Multimedia BLITZ!

In my experience COS Book Trailers are the best advertising dollars I have ever spent and I believe, helped to put me on the USA Today Bestseller list. We live in...

Wednesday – Fun With The Hero of “Collateral Damage”

I was once asked what I liked in a hero and after thinking about it for about half a second, I came up with what I call the St. Giles litmus test for heroes, or in this case the J.L. Saint’s 4H litmus test for heroes. Heroes have to be HARD, HOT, HEROIC, and a HELL-UVA-LOT. Say what? Before your mind goes wildly running were we dare not tread on a public forum, let me explain.

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