SNEAK PEEK: RUNNING TARGET by KARI LEMOR and Why She Loves Disney Movies



I was recently cleaning up my now empty bedrooms since my three children have all flown the coop.  The oldest got married, bought a house ten minutes away and had a baby.  My middle took a job after she graduated college, over 700 miles away.  And the youngest got a job and moved into his own apartment.

I stumbled across one of my girls’ books and glanced briefly at the back blurb and put it back down.  Now it’s by a very famous and a wonderful author but I have never had any desire to read what she’s written.  Why?  Because from what my daughters tell me, it’s all very depressing.  Well written but depressing.

So I started thinking about that and it got me realizing that’s one of the reasons I continue to read romance novels.  From the time I was twelve, I was sucked into a world where people fall in love and live happily ever after.  Like a Disney movie.  Yup, I love Disney movies.  Everyone is happy, even when you have a mad hunter trying to kill you.  But it’s all good.  Everything is good.

Okay, so maybe in many romance novels not everything is good.  You do have the conflict the main characters have to go through to finally get together but that is merely a trifle when you consider some of the other literary fiction out there.  I have no desire to read about people dying, getting raped, killed horribly or any other non-happy type plot.

My life isn’t half bad.  I’ve never had these things happen to me and I imagine they are terrible.  But I also don’t want to read all about it.  It’s one of the reasons I don’t read the news or even watch much tv.  There’s a lot about my life that sucks the life out of me so why would I want to dwell on other things that are even suckier?  My default; romance novels.

Many people unfortunately think of all romance novels as smut.  Now I will admit more and more romances do have an abundance of this involved and some are only sex.  But a true romance is about two people who work their way through the trials and tribulations of everyday life to finally be with the one person who will make them whole.  And love them forever.  How can you not want to read a story like that?

So until my life becomes filled with only wonderful, perfect things and I need something sad to balance me out, I will continue to read my romance novels.  Yes, I live in my own sheltered little world and maybe I am delusional.  But I like it there and it makes me happy.  The only thing that would make me happier would be for those cute little chipmunks and rabbits to actually come clean my house.


An innocent in the crossfire . . .

FBI agent Jack Holland broke every rule in the book falling for the girlfriend of Angelo Cabrini, son of a New Jersey mob boss. But even if Callie Lansing’s relationship to Angelo was actually a cover and her heart was free, her relationship with Jack put both of their lives at risk. Nothing, though, could make Jack regret the liaison that led to the birth of their son, Jonathan.

After Angelo discovered Callie’s pregnancy, he went after Jack and wound up dead. Now Jack is on the run with a target on his back. The only thing keeping Callie and Jonathan safe is the mob boss’s belief that the baby is his grandchild. But if Victor Cabrini discovers the truth before Jack can put him behind bars, it could mean death for his sweet covert family. . . .

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About the Author:
Kari Lemor 
was one of those children who read with a flashlight under the covers. Once she discovered her mom’s stash of romance novels, there was no other genre to even consider. For years, she had stories stewing in her mind, stories of love and happily ever after. But writing wasn’t something she ever liked in school. Of course, no one ever asked her to write a story about a couple falling in love. Now that her children are grown, she can concentrate on penning tales of dashing heroes who ride to the rescue and feisty heroines who have already saved themselves.

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