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9781516103188Fictitious Personal Trainers by Cynthia Tennent

If anyone ever told me that a fictitious personal trainer on crutches would reach out from the keyboard of my computer and whip me into shape, I would have laughed and said they were watching too much television. But my tough and tenacious main character in “Fit For You”, Lily Shue, inspired me to lose twenty-five pounds and three clothing sizes.

The wisdom I discovered from Lily while researching my fourth book in the Truhart Series, “Fit For You”, became the underlying theme that made this novel a joy to write. In fact, it was almost as fun as the love story between the two unlikely, yet ‘perfect for each other’ characters, Lily and Edge.

When Lily is hired to help one of the most obese counties in Michigan get fit, the first things she talks about is food. Lily explains to an unreceptive town (and the cutie ex-athlete who owns the ice cream parlor) that the old food pyramid everyone learned when they were a kid is totally incorrect.

Hey folks, evidently, the food pyramid has been transformed into a plate. Doh! Did anyone else know that? It turns out that our plate should be divided into fourths. Proteins, fruits, vegetables, and grains are the new recommendations for a healthy diet.

I was devastated to find out that the sweet Greek yogurt I loved was NOT on that plate. Neither was the breakfast cereal I thought was so healthy because I added blueberries on top.

Lily suggests a smoothie for breakfast to her new clients, and more than a few people balk. So did I. Especially when I found out this breakfast drink was green. Confession time. . . a year later I am hooked. Besides drinking eight glasses of water a day, my morning smoothie has become a cornerstone of my day.

There are infinite variations on the morning smoothie. Here is my recipe for anyone who is interested in making a healthy change to their morning.

Using a nutri-bullet or any other smoothie making device, add the following:

  • A large handful of baby spinach
  • Half a banana
  • A handful of frozen fruit (I like frozen mangos from Costco)
  • ¾ cup of almond milk
  • For a bonus add a spoon of non-whey protein powder, hemp, chia seeds

 Blend for a minute. Enjoy!

Thanks to Lily and my wonderful nutrition-consultant friend who helped me with the research for this novel, I am starting out my day lighter and more energetic than ever. For more tips and a really fun read, you can pick up a copy of Fit For You at any online book store.
FIT FOR YOU……………….

In the split-second it takes to injure her knee, Lily Shue’s life goes from rising star to small town reject. Forced to give up her role as a trainer on a hit reality fitness show, she takes a job in tiny Truhart, Michigan. By the time Lily arrives in the one horse town on her crutches-she is well and truly fed up. And then a maniac nearly hits her with his garbage truck . . .

Edgar “Egde” Callaghan knows a little bit about broken bones-and broken dreams. A former skier and Olympic hopeful, Edge’s athletic career ended in injury, and took his love life with it, leaving him to bum around Truhart doing the occasional odd job, including driving his uncle’s teddy bear covered garbage truck. But something about the feisty new brunette in town tempts him to lace up his sneakers again. Even if it’s just to prove her wrong about him. And maybe to prove something to himself.

Lily and Edge may have started off on the wrong foot, but before long they realize they’re both moving in the same direction . . . toward each other.

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About the Author:
Tennent, Cynthia - Small PhotoCynthia Tennent is an Amazon bestselling author who writes contemporary small town romance. She was the original book thief, stealing romance novels from underneath her mother’s bed when she was just twelve. As an adult, she grew serious and studied international relations, education, and other weighty matters while living all over the world. In search of happy endings, she rediscovered love stories and wrote her own when her daughters were napping. She lives in Michigan with her husband, three daughters, and her collie dog, Jack. Author Links: