Christ at the Coffee Shop – Finding God in common places By Nathan Ingram


Christ at the Coffee Shop By Nathan Ingram

Master Storytellers Will Rodgers and Andy Griffith Come to Mind in the Audio Book, Christ at the Coffee Shop Written by Nathan Ingram this nostalgic collection of short stories demonstrates how anyone can find God in common places.

Many of us would like to see God but can’t find Him!

Speaking directly to the hearts of ordinary people. Nathans’s direction points to God’s presence in our everyday lives and magnifies a God of the common places. It focuses on an omnipotent Deity who chooses to make Himself known within each day’s events.

 With a keen eye for comforting uncomfortable people and a passion for magnifying God, Nathan’s stories flow with life and reverberate with a single, compelling message—God came near and dwelt among us. Nathan has a passion for magnifying God with his stories and messages in Christ at the Coffee Shop.

Ingram points out that although many of us would like to see God we are unable to find Him, believing He only expresses Himself through blinding insights or peak experiences of some sort. However, the book’s message is that if we must travel to the mountaintops to see God, most of us will miss Him. This book reaches out with clarity that He is near.


Growing up on a small, Tennessee hillside farm was all the inspiration author, Nathan Ingram, needed to write this nostalgic collection of short stories demonstrating how anyone can find God in common places. Today, Ingram resides on a ranch in Magnolia, Texas, with his wife and an assortment of horses and other animals. He and his wife also own and operate Lone Star Behavioral Health, a psychiatric facility specializing in the treatment of persons with severe and persistent mental illness. The Ingrams seek each day to live the principles in this book.


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